Stoa Partners is a neuroscience-based productivity consulting and training firm founded by UC Berkeley researchers and faculty.

The Research

Stoa Partners' work is grounded in the rigorous academic research of neuroscientists Dr. Sahar Yousef and Lucas Miller. This research, supported by UC Berkeley, UCSF, and the Department of Defense, has pushed our understanding of the limits of human cognitive potential and provides a clear path to improving focus, learning, memory, emotional regulation, and overall performance in a matter of weeks. Inspired to bring these results out of the academic world, Sahar and Lucas now teach a popular MBA course at UC Berkeley, called "Becoming Superhuman: The Science of Productivity and Performance", and apply their research and training methodology to solve major productivity challenges in the workplace.



Empower knowledge workers to achieve more without having to sacrifice their health or happiness


Help organizations get a higher ROI on their most valuable asset —human brains

Why Stoa?

The word Stoa comes from the ancient Greek word stōïkos, which refers to the portico or open, outdoor, columned platform where Zeno, the originator of Stoicism, would lecture.

Stoicism is a philosophy rooted heavily in the pursuit of improving oneself and the perfection of the human being. Stoics always strive to challenge the way they are and the way others are to be more in line with our fundamental human virtues and principles.

In ancient times, philosophy was many times only accessible to educated nobility. In modern times, science has created a similar divide. The Stoics believed philosophy could only change the world if it was discussed and adopted by the general public. We also believe science should be practical, accessible, and aim to solve current problems.

Stoa Partners is bridging the divide between what neuroscience tells us about how humans work best and how we manage our human talent. In doing so, we aim to bring cutting edge research to those who seek it and want to become better versions of themselves.

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