Increasing productivity and performance always begins with leverage points.
These are places where a small shift can create big, permanent changes in behavior.
We find these points and push them in the right direction.



Uncover and analyze your organization's productivity and time sinks

Deploy research-grade assessments paired with in-depth data collection to identify:
  • Meetings that are unnecessary, poorly run, too long, too frequent, and/or too large
  • Inefficient communication protocols
  • Lack of clarity around prioritization
  • Misaligned incentive structures and accountability
  • Information and technology bottlenecks
  • Distracting office layout and digital hygiene
Benchmark your results against comparable high-performing organizations

Expert analysis of your data to fortify leaders with comprehensive insights and align on the highest leverage areas for improvement



    Redesign the workday based on biology and reduce communication inefficiencies

    Reduce meetings and improve meeting effectiveness

    Optimize daily scheduling based on the team’s collective biological rhythms

    Decrease email and streamline other communication channels



      Deploy customized, scientifically validated training programs to achieve 10+% productivity improvement

      Improve focus, mental clarity, memory, energy levels, and motivation as well as reduce stress in a matter of weeks

      Reinforce new mindsets and productivity habits through a shared language, accountability systems, and automated nudges

      Tranform leaders into models of sustainable peak performance

      Learn all the ways you and your organization
      can accelerate productivity.